When I first entered the Indie world I was blown away by the help and kindness that I saw happening between author/blogger/reader. It is truly a world that would do anything to help one another. I can say that it made me happy to see this. After a year of this I decided to try my hand and finally write that story I always said I was going to do. A few people reached out and supported that choice. I have made some amazing friends and I'm so grateful to them for all they have and do for me. But I have also met some nasty people and people that have tried everything to hurt me.

One in particular has done everything to make me seem like I'm a horrible person. So much so, that I had to block and delete her from Facebook. This was two months ago. I have not said one word and went on as if nothing has happened even though she has told a lot of people that I had ruined her life. She even went as far as to publish the same day as I did telling me she just had to wait for me but behind my back she told others that I am a failure and that my book was horrible. That she published the same day to watch my book fail so she could laugh in my face. When this didn't happen she wasn't happy and then stated that I not only ruined her life but I stole her friends. Some she mentioned were people I have been friends with for years and they didn't know her at all. That is when I decided to block and delete her.

Shortly after this happened a few other people came to me asking questions on why I said things or did things... none of which I said or did. Screenshots were shared and stories were shared and we all realized it was this one person who has an obsession with me that we have no reason why she does. She has even went as far to use my cancer story as her own. I explained that I don't want them making choices between her or I... that if they wanted to be friends with her I'm totally okay with that. Just not to share about me. Their choices for what they done with their friendship with her is totally on them and has NOTHING to do with me.

Since it has been a few months I thought things were finally done... just to find out I'm brought in again into something that I honestly have NOTHING to do with. Again, I'm at a loss at what to do and how to handle this situation. Do I call her out and show people the real her? Do I keep quiet and just smile like I have been doing for the past few months? Do I chance my career and just blow up? Really... what do I do with this? I'm being told to not say a word and let people handle it. But doesn't that make me look guilty because I'm not standing up for my name?

It really makes me want to just walk away, tell people it isn't worth it. I now understand why authors have stopped doing Facebook or social media because it is odd and there are really scary people out there. I guess I'm at my wits end and I'm finally posting something. Am I going to mention her name... no I'm not. Trust me those involved will know who this is about. I'm not hiding anything I just choose not to sit here and bash people. Why don't I name her? I'm worried about her obsession with me. What if I name her... will she retaliate even more and do even more horrible things? I don't want to stir that pot.

So what am I hoping happens... I wish people would come to me asking me if I did these things instead of talking about me behind my back. I'm not a mean person. I have no reason to lie about the situation when I have multiple people who can do screenshots backing up everything that she has done. I'm also hoping that people would just stop with gossip and drama. Does the world really need this? No, we have enough real life world drama to deal with then to listen or do gossip on line.

So... I'm done. I can't do this anymore. I'm stating that I'm just going to stay in this bubble of a few people and leave the rest behind. I have had enough with the drama. I have spoken my piece and now I'm walking away. If you see a change in me... well this is why.