I'm sure what I'm about ready to say is going to piss a lot of people off but hey what he hell right... I posted something on Facebook that drew a few eyes. What you didn't see what was happening behind closed doors in a group. You see someone stated that authors were focusing to much on Drama ARC and forgetting to write the story... This comment stopped me in my tracks.

I honestly have no issues with people having an opinion on how they feel about a story they have read or that they didn't like it. I also have no issues with people warning others about books they know they wont like. Again, no the issue at hand. I feel that you have a right to tell people how you feel about something and have a right to review something you have paid money for. Hell, I do it all the time. That is okay... but what ISN'T okay... is telling an author what they should write or not write. How they should write something or not write something. Telling them they should follow a "trend" others are doing. Telling authors that you have enough drama in your life or in the news that you don't want to read it in real life.. NO THIS IS NOT OKAY!

What you as a reader might not understand is that the story the author is writing is how the characters are telling them to write it out. Most of the time authors write from experience or better yet to escape. Sometimes it is to change how a situation happened in real life, meaning to help them deal with something bad and turn it into something good. The time and energy that goes into a story is huge and sometimes it is just the way things happen. So telling them that you don't appreciate them adding drama or twist or plots in a story that you choose to read... that to me is wrong.

I'm not saying you don't have a right to say, "Hey, I didn't care for the plots or twist or drama. It wasn't my cup of tea or the normal I like to read. That said the writing was okay or grammar needs help..." I think you get what I'm going with here... that is okay. Saying you don't like something is fine but telling authors how they need to write stories or they need to follow a "guideline" that others use... wtf?! (yes I have seen this too) There are so many different authors and genre's out there why are we trying to make all authors write the same? Why not just go... well they aren't for me so I wont read them? When did it become okay to tell an author what they should have in their book or not in their book? Next time you think you want to tell an author how they should write a book... think of this... would you like someone to tell you how to be a wife, parent, or friend... if the answer is no.. then I suggest not telling an author how to do their job in writing a story that they are telling.



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