First and foremost, the first Amendment is king. But with that, it brings responsibility…  although an author has the inherent right to write his or her story/viewpoints, it is also the inherent right of the reader to express his or her pleasure or displeasure in regarding the content they read. I have expressed this before in a post below. That said, yes, I have posted about an issue I had with a book and now I have people praising me and cursing me for this. Let me explain my post so then my words aren’t taken out of context of what is the issue I have with said book…

My post stated the following:

“Not much can shock me anymore… but a book that has the H kidnapping the h then drugging her and raping her and saying her body was responding so it is okay… no. This sickens me and has me in tears. This is NOT romance. She couldn’t say stop or no. SHE WAS DRUGGED FOR FUCKS SAKE! Sorry but his was just too much. I didn’t even read the book. I was shown screenshots of this part and started bawling and threw up due to what I read. I don’t understand how this is okay. Sorry for the rant. I just can’t…”

So, some say I was telling the author what she should and shouldn’t write… nope I honestly didn’t. I don’t agree with what was in the book because I am a victim of rape but my major issue is THERE WAS NO WARNING! Before you say read the blurb it stated it… no it didn’t. The ONLY thing the blurb was stating was it could be a possible kidnapping, maybe manipulation would have been how he gotten her who knows. But not ONCE was there a mention of rape.

Seeing people state… “It’s just fiction” “Get Over It” “If you have trigger warnings get a therapist” etc… I honestly am speechless at the last part. It makes me think you would tell a Vet who suffers from PTSD to get a therapist for having triggers of fireworks because “they are just for entertainment purposes”.

PTSD, no matter what form it is, is devastating. What triggers some will not trigger all. Just a simple “For 18+ may contain triggers” is all that a lot of people, like myself, are asking for.

Now, as an author I get being careful of your warnings and blurb and how much is too much to tell due to plot in a story etc. Trust me, I do understand! I know not all agree with adding a trigger warning, but this day and age… it should be added.

My feelings on this matter/book would have been the same NO MATTER WHO WROTE IT! I would have still made the same post. To say I went after this author for other reasons is false. If I truly was after her I would have done this with every single book she has ever written. Not once I have done that. Honestly, I don’t care if she reuploads it to amazon, I just ask that a trigger warning be added.

My only issue is with no warning and no hint in the blurb of what was in it… to me that is wrong. Anything else on this book is my own opinion.

Write what you want, but if it includes controversial material, please just be so kind as to provide the public a proper warning so those of us who don’t read this would avoid it.

Moving forward...


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