I thought long and hard about posting this. I decided that it needs to be post so Authors with Pen names are made aware of what could happen to them.

Some of you are aware that currently my Facebook profile is gone. The reason is the profile was reported as a fake account. This was done in retaliation to not liking what I said in a post (yes, I have screenshots to prove this statement or I wouldn’t have made it). The blessing for me is my author name is my true name and I will be able to get my account reinstated. It will just take a little time.

First let me clarify something quickly. A page to Facebook is what we go and just like. That can be your pen name, hence why my like page is still active. A profile is what you friend. This, per Facebook, must be your real name and not a pen. Again, I am legally S. Van Horne so I can prove this and get it back. Here is the information I was given by Facebook on how to reinstate my account.

Facebook <emailinforemoved@support.facebook.com>

Dec 15 (1 day ago)


We've asked you to verify your identify because it looks like you may have multiple accounts or may not be using your authentic identity.

If you've already tried to log in to Facebook and followed the instructions, but weren't able to verify your identity, please reply to this email and attach an image of your government-issued photo ID to the message. You can use a scanner or take a photo of your ID.

If you don't have a government-issued photo ID, you can also send us 2 different forms of ID (ex: school ID, credit card) that both show the same name. One of the IDs must also include a photo or date of birth that matches the information on your Facebook profile.

If you don’t have an ID that shows the name you use in real life and your photo or date of birth, you can provide 2 forms of ID that show the same name and a government ID that includes a date of birth or photo that matches the information on your profile.

Learn more about the different types of IDs we accept in the Help Center:


Please note that we won't be able to process your request unless you've submitted an accepted form of ID.

View updates from your Support Inbox: (linked removed due to it being my account)

The Facebook Team

As you can see, anyone with a pen name will not be able to get their account back if it is reported as a fake account. The only way you possibly might be able to get your account back with your pen name is if you are registered as a business. That is the only thing I have found in my searching that has worked for a few. How true this is, I honestly can’t say.

Second, the reason I decided to do this post was to just let you, the authors with pen names, know that this can happen to you. I want you to be able to have a plan if it happens. How to protect this from happening, again, I honestly don’t know that answer. There wasn’t enough research out there to be able to say this is how you protect your profile account. So please be careful.

On a personal note, I am still receiving messages/comments on my page but until it is reinstated I am not able to respond. When my account is back, I will go through each one and respond back to you. The outreach and support I have gotten during this has been very overwhelming and gratefully appreciated. I can never thank you enough for reaching and making sure I am okay. It will not be forgotten and will never be taken for granted.

Happy Holidays and Keep writing <3



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